About DirectM

Are you a real estate broker who wishes to increase their margins of brokerage? Or are you someone who is looking to buy or rent a property without going through the web of agents? In any case, we have just the right solution for you. Presenting DirectM, a discovery platform aimed at the best interest of realty brokers where they can list all the properties they have access to and get contacted by people looking for real estate solutions.

Perks of DirectM to Real Estate Brokers

DirectM provides a dashboard to the brokers where they can list all the properties they hold the keys to in a particular area. We aim at creating a niche in the market wherein brokers can become premium members of DirectM and gain exclusivity over their desired location. That means, no one except that particular broker can post advertisements of the properties they have access to.

Perks of DirectM to Customers

We sort properties by pin code all over India and each location under it. You can save on valuable time by searching any property that you wish to buy or rent in all of India by just entering the pin code and the name of the location. Doing so will take you to the dashboard of the broker who holds the keys to the properties of that area. This way, DirectM liberates you from the struggle of going through a chain of brokers to get to the property you desire.

Why Choose Us


Owing to the efficient functioning of DirectM, we guarantee a 50-100% increase in brokerage to real estate brokers who wish to rent and sell their property.


DirectM also looks after the CRM processes of your business and lets you properly organise meetings and generate detailed reports for analysis.


Become a premium member of DirectM and enjoy the perks of having a monopoly over the locality chosen by you.



DirectM bridges the gap between a real estate broker and the client, with this we guarantee to offer a 50-100% increase in brokerage with each deal closure.


We sort property listing on DirectM by Pincode and Locality. This niche market provides us with enhanced expertise that allows us to manage closure of deals.


Being a premium member of DirectM allows you to exclusively post property listings of any locality you choose.


Each real estate broker that becomes a premium member of DirectM is offered a dashboard where he can list all the properties he holds the keys to.


Try for yourself before you sign up. We provide a 90 day free trial where you can leverage all the features DirectM software at zero cost.


All you need to do to get started is sign up and list your properties. We will take it from there, thus saving your valuable time.

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