How it works

As an expert on the HOWKYA platform, you can register with your LinkedIn account.

Leverage your knowledge

With your knowledge & experience and our easy-to-use HOWKYA platform, respond to queries that are asked of you directly from your mobile phone.

Consult when you want, from anywhere

You can answer queries at your convenience simply by responding to the real time query notification prompt from our platform.

Earn by sharing your knowledge

Top professionals can earn thousands each month helping people and responding to queries that need their wisdom and insights.

About HowKya

Howkya is an online platform for startups where you can get instant answers from qualified experts. These experts are verified LinkedIn users. Further howkya can be your market research tool where you can ask questions in a professional and scientifically validated questionnaire format. Nowadays it is hard to find the potential mentor, customer or user and to find questions to them. This platform makes it easier for you.

Idea validation platform

You can validate your ideas on our platform so that you dont end up making something nobody actually wants. We gather all the responses received from your specified experts including the name, comment and feedback.

For the mentors

We provide the opportunity for you as an expert and mentor, to provide knowledge to different people who would need your expertise in a particular field. You can earn by giving instant direction advice or consultation to different. You can also earn credits by instantly provide quality insights and business model validation to startups.


Sign Up

Our only criterion is for your expertise to be verifiable. Log in using your LinkedIn credentials which provides us with the most concise and accurate insight on your field of expertise.


Our platform is a medium for enabling engagement with a worldwide network of experts from diverse Categories & specialties.


Provides value by responding to enquiries at your convenience via mobile app, get recognised and become nationally and internationally available and accessible to give expert insight.






  • Register as an Individual expert or organization with Linkedin and choose your expertise.
  • Next, we do a preliminary verification to confirm your expertise in your area of specialty.
  • Once validated, we make your profile available for queries for anyone seeking your knowledge and expertise.
  • Simply remain logged in as an expert for users to readily gain direct access to you for knowledge sharing.


Government & Regulations
Business & Finance
Career & Personal Development
Health & Medicine
Food Nutrition & Fitness
Spirituality & Religion
Fashion & Lifestyle
Education & Learning
Love & Relationships
Social Media
Idea Validation
Arts & Entertainment

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