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The Best CRM Software Solutions
For Financial & Insurance Advisors

Deliver outstanding client service with a CRM solution designed with your complete financial & insurance practice in mind

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Experience all the amazing features!

Improve Productivity

Track every client call

Maintain complete records of each client call with automated call logging. Understand who your team contacted, along with call date, time and length at a glance. Recover call details in notes that are searchable by keyword.

Track every client email

Revive particular emails in seconds, individually or by a thread, with tight Outlook and Gmail integration. Store emails to client record automatically, and generate rules for when and how you save. Kanri books is the best for life insurance agent crm in India.

Enterprise-level security

Build countless security roles and assign them to as many new users as you want. Have each data point encrypted, on top of 2-level security. Limit who can view and edit any record or a specific data capture field. This can be the best crm software for small business.

Audit all the changes

Automate audit trail creation including a filterable history of changes to address book fields, notes and documents. View who made a change, when it was changed, and the specific changes made. Simply output a report you can hand to an auditor.

Simplified import & export

Update output details by carrying data from back-office systems without help from IT. Just drag and drop a file and have Kanri hand-hold you through the rest. At a click, export data to Excel for extensive analysis. It helps as a crm for tax professionals and also as a income tax software.

Never Forget a Customer Renewal Again.

Provide Your Renewals Team With All the Information They Need. The Opportunity to Upsell. Preparation for High-Value Accounts. Review Deals.

What you can do with Kanri CRM

Know where you stand on opportunities with each client

See your opportunities by users, stages, and closing dates to understand where you stand. Recognize where you stand on moments with each client and prospect. Record notes, status updates, and customized stages about opportunities you have to develop your book of business.

File storage made easy in CRM.

Access, control and share files with coworkers. Customized section labelling, user access permissions – it’s all here. Seamlessly unite your favourite file storage services.

Advanced CRM Reporting

Narrow your data mountain to a molehill. Systematize field rules and quickly merge data over records, for enhanced reporting and risk study. Plus, protect your favourite searches for export into Excel templates at a click.

Mobile Friendly CRM App

Take your office anywhere you go using a feature-rich mobile-friendly CRM. Maintain calendars, prepare for meetings — get a graphical dashboard view of preferred indicators — and many more, from the palm of your hand


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