Daily Payouts

Receive money in your bank account for your completed bookings every day. With reports and records handy on a daily basis resolving issues related to management of accounts and finance.

Get Early Updates

Receive regular updates from our research and development team assuring smooth and easy access to MPower.We keep adding new features to give you more value.

Dedicated Relationship Manager

Our Relationship manager will insure that all your queries related to Mpower are resolved on time insuring your platform experience goes beyond your expectations.

Preferred Business

With constant branding and marketing for your inventory, we assure you better occupancy for your valuable space making it exclusive.


With our User-Friendly Real Estate Management Platform Generate Revenue with Ease.

Become a Myrsa Power User

From monitoring to managing your space inventory from one place and generating revenue effortlessly.

List Spaces

MPower helps you list your space inventory and let's you monitor everything online from your dashboard and have a better insight into your spaces and their usage for revenue generation.

Accept Enquiry

Once the space inventory is listed with Myrsa, you reveive inquiries from new customers via your online dashboard, making the processes very agile and easy.


Start generating rentals from space and manage accounts and finance with reports and automated collection system available on our user-friendly platform.

24/7 Support

Round the clock technical support Expert Guidance on Software Issues Data Back on Cloud.

Anyone can leverage Mpower

Manage-Monitor-Control your entire space Inventory with ease, remotely from one place and earn effortlessly

Property Owners and Aggregators
Facility Management Companies
Property Management Companies
Commercial Property Managers
Builders & Developers

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