About Us

Myrsa is a platform that connects renters and lenders of temporary spaces. On our platform, Tenants (renters) can easily specify their space request while the Owners (lenders) can offer any of their (empty) spaces for temporary rental. A vacant shop, an open garden, a community space, a computer lab, a parking space, office cafeteria, atriums or a unique tevent location? Myrsa helps businesses, service providers, retailers, brands or startups to find the temporary physical space they need.

We are committed to enabling a more efficient use of physical space. There are thousands of buildings, infrastructure spaces and vacant real estate areas that are unused or underutilized and not easily accessible due to fixed contracts, long-term commitments, and many other barriers. We believe that short-term renting can be a solution for space owners and brands looking for renting and hiring temporary spaces to launch new ventures, shops, services or events.


List Your (Empty) Space

Set up your space in a few clicks: upload pictures, add videos and give brief and concise description of activities you can host in your space (shop, work, events, and service) & it's ready to be presented to our Tenants.

Always in Control

You are in full control of your spaces. On your personal dashboard, you can review and respond on requests. You decide who you want to lease your space to. Set the hours, available space, max occupancy, space type, rental price and more.

Improve Your Occupancy Rate

Connect with amazing businesses and brands. It will not only give you additional revenue but also optimize your empty/free space(s) with number of interesting initiatives.

The Right Brand Every Time

We connect you with brands, service providers and professionals who are looking for a temporary space. You will be able to make money out of your (underused / unused) space and host a temporary new Tenant in your space.

Hassle Free Experience

We strive to streamline the process and remove hassles of getting brands/businesses to your space. Through centralized messaging, invoicing and payment, you can handle everything from our platform.

Get Instant Notifications

Thanks to our alerting feature, you will receive notifications of everything that happens on and around the platform and with your space. Get world-class customer service, easy and secure payments when you list your space with us.

How It Works


Search for Space

Whether you are looking for a Space or a Brand, we have the best of both! Search the type of space or kind of brands you are interested in and Mark the ones that suit you best!


Send an Enquiry or Proposal

Once you find the Space/Brand of your choice, send enquiries to the owners. You can check the status of all the send and received requests in your Dashboard, the one place for managing the entire renting process!


Collaborate and grow

Once your enquiry gets a response, you're all set to go! By the time this deal closes, Myrsa will have added new Spaces and Brands! Keep checking for the most trending brands and best locations everyday! Gear up, you're at Myrsa!



Your space can be a place where people come together to meet, work, host an event, promote a shop, service or business. We give your spaces the opportunity to be better utilised and facilitate its more responsible, creative and productive usage.


There is a Space to suit every kind of Brand! A pop-up shop, a promotion or a Social Event! Myrsa is the solution you are looking for! Find the perfect space for your brand, it's promotion and boost your sales!


Today's busy schedule makes Health, Wellness & Fitness vital for all of us. Myrsa enables you to engage with people and demonstrate services, display your products & equipment all at once! Explore Myrsa to see how!


If you love street food, you must be smart with the streets! Location is a major factor that drives maximum public for Food Trucks & Carts. Myrsa has Spaces to suit various cuisines, whether a quick take away or a hogging spree!


Selecting correct Venues is a major consideration for events to be successful. Myrsa makes Discovering Unique Spaces simple! Browse through the various temporary rental Space to find the one that suits you best!


Myrsa has various Spaces to suit different social activities. We make it easier for you to find temporary rental spaces for public services. If you are looking for Spaces for your social events, you are at the correct place.


Myrsa’s Sales & Marketing solutions boost your customer acquisition and ensure customer retention! Save time and money by engaging effectively without investing in real estate.We amplify your sales outreach programs with access to information about key locations and Space Owners.

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