How It Work


Easy Integration

Our flexible API allows easy integration of vbooku into your existing system for accepting bookings, managing the appointments and POS.


Easy Setup

Add the list of services or events you offer, these services will be viewable for clients and they can make bookings.


Enjoy the Application

Let vbooku manage your appointments online so that you can spend less time on paper & calls and more on your business.


24/7 Bookings

vBooku opens up the appointment booking portal 24/7 so that your clients can book their appointment anytime and from anywhere.


List all your services in the vbooku dashboard for which the clients can make booking. Have all your appointments in one place for systematic tracking.

Accept Gateway

VBookU provides an efficient way to receive payments, clients will confirm the booking and make a payment – it will save your time and ease your life.

Integrate with Third Party Panel

VBookU allows you to integrate with numerous third-party platforms such as Google Calendar, WordPress, Facebook etc.

Billing & invoices

Vbooku has point-of-sale built-in, takes care of your pos sales transactions, invoicing, receipts, taxes and retail product management.

Booking & Ticketing

Our ticketing module is completely installed on your site and handcrafted to suit your image. This guarantees visitors can without much of a stretch get tickets and you can keep your events as the focus to increase sales.

Cancelation & refund

Enable clients to book, cancel or reschedule their own appointment bookings through the app. You can also manage refunds all in one place.

Business Benefits

Increases Sales

Vbooku provides 24/7 online booking which will increase your sales by making your products & services available to them anywhere & anytime.


VBookU Marketing introduces you to more new clients and helps you create a lasting relationship.

Point of Sales

Our comprehensive point of sale system runs across all devices,Your POS will have pace amidst your busy front desk and beyond—from desktop to hardware, to mobile.


VBookU tracks everything you need to know when it comes to your business goals. Reports help you allocate your resources, funds efficiently and measure your success.

Staff Resources

Staff members will have a unique login to control their schedules from anywhere, You can assign different permissions for individual to restrict what each one can view.

Client Tools

Our Checkin tool allows client to checkin with one tap on vbooku app so marking clients arrival becomes easy thus saving up your front desk


Vbooku keeps a track of all the appointments as well as memberships, our push notification, gives timely reminders for appointments and membership expiry.


Our analytics service provides weekly analytical report on sales and appointments to help you take the best decision for your business.

Why Choose Us

We provide solution to all your traditional booking and management issues and help your business grow. Our User-Friendly UI is easy to understand. You can manage all your appointments and other activities from one place.

Vbooku lets you manage your business from mobile app and website, thus giving you 24/7 access to your business. Enroll now and let vbooku handle your appointments online so you spend less time on papers and calls and more on your business.


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