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Discover Our Core Values and Pillars of Success

What we follow:
Tradition, Mission, Engagement, Recognition & Education
Objective of Organisation:
Sustainability, Professionalism, Community, Equity, Creativity
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The Foundation of Our Company Culture

The values we hold dear are the backbone of our company culture and the foundation of our success.

Our 5 Values

Our company is grounded in a set of five key values that drive our decisions and actions. And those are as follows:

Accountability is a core value in our organisation, and it influences all of our teams. Each team is charged with delivering results, and they are interconnected as needed to form a strong network of networks. Every team has a vested interest in their outcomes, which is an important aspect of accountability. They directly experience the consequences of their successes and failures, instilling a strong sense of ownership and responsibility.
We value the principles of Daring & Caring at our organisation, which include supportive leadership, a culture of experimentation and adaptation, and a foundation of freedom and trust. Our strong leaders demonstrate these values by providing unwavering support to those on the front lines, embodying our mission and values, and actively working to remove barriers. Experimentation is encouraged in all aspects of our work, including product development, work methodologies, and organisational structures. We view change as a continuous process rather than a one-time event. Recognising our responsible and trusted team members' abilities, we give them a high degree of autonomy in determining how, where, and with whom they work. This creates an environment in which everyone thrives and contributes to the overall success.
Our highly decentralised organisation is driven by Respect With Ability. Frontline teams, we believe, have the best understanding of customers, users, and platforms, empowering them to make the majority of decisions for agile client responsiveness. We advocate for distributed authority, ensuring decision-making freedom while encouraging responsibility and accountability. This approach values our teams' expertise, which fuels our collective success.
One of our company's core values is Transparency. We give authority to frontline teams and foster a culture of radical transparency. This includes providing timely access to information for quick decision-making and problem-solving. We take a "open by default" approach, encouraging people to ask questions and make better, faster decisions. We foster effective collaboration and drive impactful actions by emphasising transparency.
Our task allocation strategy is based on Creativity With Humility. We prioritise assigning tasks that capitalise on team members' talents and strengths. We allow individuals to choose their responsibilities in order to embrace the diverse talents within our organisation. Our team members are free to create their own jobs based on their skills and interests. This promotes a creative culture while maintaining a humble appreciation for each individual's unique contributions.

Our business is built on these 8 key pillars

Our company operates on a foundation of 8 key pillars that represent the core elements of our business.

Purpose & Values

We are focussed on building a workplace around our common purpose and values of tradition, mission, engagement, recognition & education.

Network of Teams

All our teams are responsible for their own results. They are connected as needed to other networks to form networks of networks. Each team has skin in the game. They feel the impact of their successes and failures.

Supportive Leadership

We believe in Strong leaders who are supportive of those ‘closest to the fire’. Our leaders walk the talk. They embody organization mission and values. They are crucial to our culture. They do everything in their power to remove barriers. They help their teams to thrive. Authority in our organisation is not linked to rank, but rather to the ability to lead by example.

Experiment & Adapt

We embrace experimentation in everything we do: products, ways of working, and even structures. Change is no longer a once-in-a-year event. It’s a part of our every-day work. We believe it’s better to experiment and fail than to never make mistakes at all.

Freedom & Trust

We act on the belief that our team comprises of responsible adults who can be trusted. They don’t need extensive control. They have a high degree of autonomy. They are trusted to do their job in the way they see fit. We let everybody decide where, when and with whom to work.

Distributed Decision Making

We are highly decentralized. We act on the belief that our teams on the frontline have the best understanding of customers, users, and production applications and platforms. Therefore, frontline teams make the majority of the decisions—if the aim is to be agile in responding to clients. We promote distributed authority and decision-making. With freedom of decision making comes responsibility and accountability.

Radical Transparency

We distribute authority to frontline teams and promote a culture of radical transparency. Frontline employees need access to the latest information for speedy and accurate decision-making. We are ‘open by default’ and have an ‘ask anything’ mentality. We give people the right information at the right moment which helps in making better decisions, faster and solve problems sooner.

Talents & Mastery

We prefer our team members working on tasks they like; ones that fit their talents and strengths. We try to make use of the diverse talents present in our organization and offer people the freedom to choose their tasks and responsibilities. Our team members ‘sculpt’ their jobs based on their interest, talents and strengths.