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Myrsa acts as a temporary renting solution that bridges the gap between space owners and brands, businesses, service providers, retailers & professionals looking out for space to grow their business.








MPower is a cloud-based real estate management software that allows property owners to leverage their commercial and residential space inventories to generate revenue out of it.


It has a user-friendly interface and it serves as a tool for space managers to keep track of the usage of the space, generate revenues and record the performance of each property on rental yield.


Mpower is a simple property Management Software for Managing Multiple Properties with all the essential features that your business needs.


MPower manages all your financials from rental proceeds and receivable details of your properties in one place.

Aimed at the best interest of realty brokers, DirectM is a platform where they can list all the properties they have access to and get contacted by customers looking for real estate solutions.


Owing to the efficient functioning of DirectM, we guarantee a 50-100% increase in brokerage to real estate brokers who wish to rent and sell their property


DirectM also looks after the CRM processes of your business and lets you properly organise meetings and generate detailed reports for analysis.

Exclusive Pincode Rights

Become a premium member of DirectM and enjoy the perks of having a monopoly over the locality chosen by you.

One Pincode One Broker

The member broker shall have exclusive rights of one Pincode to deal with properties to Buy / Sell / Rent in his / her Pincode for a stipulated time. No other member agent will be awarded the same Pincode.

We are a content platform that allows you to generate quality content with appropriate structure and deliver content across different channels. We allow you to build your content skills with engaging experiences across markets and channels.

Solution-based aspects

You can always start fresh from the start. Draw upon years of experience in providing solutions to the authors. We offer solution-based models with a wide range of use cases, starting from agile e-commerce to structuring your knowledge base.

Content Evaluation

While you deliver quality content on the platform, you get to evaluate yourself with other authors. We scan every content for errors and it enhances the quality so that you can make most of the write-up.

Content Identification

With your quality content published on the website, we give your content an entity identification for users to know who has written the content. With solid recognition, you as an author would also get credits and the users would also easily find who has written the content of their choice.

HOWKYA makes it very easy for people to engage productively online through knowledge sharing that is on-demand and in real-time. Our platform acts as a catalyst towards validating your idea, concept, design, approach or any thought by promoting collaborative and engaging interactions.

Set your Target Audience

Select the range of demographics and other criteria required for your target audience. You will have quick results that are from verified users.

Draft your questions

Draft questions under a wide range of categories. Select the type of answer you want from different styles- Yes/No, MCQ’s, Yes/No+Reason, Rank Order and Get started!

Get Detailed Responses

Once all your data is collected, you will have a Proper report. If you want detailed responses, you can have expert insights from professionals.