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Delivering excellence and success with business and different industries

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Products, Platform & Solutions tailor made for the real estate markets.

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Comprehensive solutions for all of your business & process automation needs.

Enterprises & MSME's

Grow your business with innovative solutions for your vision.

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We help you to understand better by serving you with quality services

Quality is more than a promise, it's our commitment

We offer quality services to our clients and customers. Here are a few companies who offer services at ease for you.

Strategy, Design and Development.

We design innovative solutions for your vision and insure flawless and perfect implementation. We design and integrate the best products and solutions for your enterprise and provide business support solutions to showcase your capabilities and services.

We organize what you want

We provide complete web design and other services for businesses and artists. Besides social media and SEO, we develop elegant solutions for your business and promotional demands. Ouriken delivers your concepts with a fresh style. In short, we give you all the stages of online presence!

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Web Design 1

It's high time you converted your company website into a sensitive forum for your customer's total visual experience.

You have unique business goals and need someone to create a lively innovation that will draw customers with a global reach towards your business. Other web designing services are:

  • Website re-design

  • Website maintenance

  • Ecommerce store design

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Identity Design 1

We Create Lovely identity Designs for all you ad campaign lovers

Identity designs are created for anyone interested in brand identity and for what the company is, which technically isn’t an easy process. We provide other design options too like-

  • Logo design

  • Banner design

  • Brochure design

  • Brochure design

  • Flyer design

  • Newsletter design

Software Developement
Software Developement 1

We are a complete software solution.

Software development is a process of conceiving, designing, and programming different applications or other software’s components. With Ouriken you will experience other factors like: 

  • Application Development Outsourcing

  • Application Integration

  • Application Migration

  • Web Applications

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Consulting Services 1

We offer The Best advice for the best people.

From marketing to business assistance to legal advice, our management consulting services focus on our clients’ most significant concerns and opportunities. 

  • Technology Strategy Consulting

  • Market Entry Into India

  • Business Support

  • Marketing Support

  • Legal Advisory

  • Finance Services

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Creative Services 1

We deliver creativity on time.

We offer creative services that are tailored best for you, right from customizing the background screening programme that fits your needs. Ouriken helps reduce risks by suggesting comprehensive suite security that fits the best for your business.

  • Application Design

  • Branding

  • Graphic Design

  • Web Design

  • Publishing Design

  • Creative Content Design

Digital Services
Digital Services 1

Strategic concepts for evolving businesses.

The digital services in Ouriken is an advocate for different ways fostering it to huge clients and civic engagement by transforming the way a business procures and how we can help them grow a business.

  • Digital Content Services(SMM)

  • Digital Customer Services(SEO)

  • Digital Social Media

  • Online Reputation Manager

  • Pay Per Click Advertising

  • Email Marketing

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Infrastructure Services 1

Building your visions. Creating reality.

The Infrastructure services are foundational information technology that is offered as a service that is best managed and supported by our organization. Here are some services that we offer you under Infrastructure services.  

  • Application Management

  • Desktop Management

  • Cloud

  • Cyber Security

  • Product Management

  • Server Management

Quality Assurance
Quality Assurance 1

We focus on quality.

At Ouriken, with quality assurance services we make sure we eliminate mistakes and defects in any of our products and we try to avoid any problems or services to customers, which define quality management focused on providing confidence that quality requirements are satisfied.

  • Automated Testing

  • Load Testing

  • Manual Testing

  • Mobile Testing

  • Security Testing

  • Usability Testing

Software Developement
Software Developement 1

We manage your project from start to finish.

The Project management services is a practice to initiate, plan and execute the project in a very efficient way to achieve a specific goal and meet specific success criteria at a specific time. The challenge in project management is to achieve all the project goals within a given constraint.

  • Build Operate Transfer (BOT)

  • Finding the partner of choice for your Turn-Key Project in India

  • Verifying your Turn-Key Project partner

  • Regulatory Compliance

  • Many more

Traning Services
Traning Services 1

We are preparing for a brighter future.

At Ouriken, we ensure that the training services we provide you are of high quality and that you will gain knowledge from them. You can select from a variety of domains and training programmes.

  • Corporate Training

  • Crash Courses

  • Industrial Training

  • Training Programs

Mobile Solutions
Mobile Solutions 1

We Believe in something better.

The mobile solution feature allows you to handle your business from anywhere with any type of software. At Ouriken, we offer services in every kind of software, be it android or IOS.

  • Android platform

  • IOS platform

  • Hybrid platforms

Platform Solutions
Platform Solutions 1

Make better ideas happen fast with us.

With us, you can make great ideas happen faster. With our excellent platforms, you may expand your business faster and better for a brighter future. We offer high-quality services ranging from Zoho mail software to ERP.

  • Custom ERP

  • Amazon

  • Freshworks

  • Zoho

  • Agile CRM

Staffing Solutions
Staffing Solutions 1

At the heart of quality recruitment.

Effective recruitment starts with a strong foundation. In addition to other services, we offer staffing services such as recruitment, personnel management, and so on.

  • Recruitment Consultation

  • Staff Augmentation

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Social Prefix 1

We assist in building the digital development of relationships and reputations.

We design innovative solutions for your vision and insure flawless and perfect implementation. We design and integrate the best products and solutions for your enterprise and provide business support solutions to showcase your capabilities and services.

Social Prefix - Comprehensive Digital Marketing Services

Dedicated to health care professionals, Educational & Training sector.



At Social Prefix we provide digital marketing services for doctors that will assist you to increase patients and grow your clientele. We create an eye-catching online presence for your practice, when people are looking for your services or search for certain queries about their health, your online presence pops right in front of their eyes.



We at Social Prefix, develop a beautifully designed SEO enhanced dental Website incorporated with a fully optimized social media presence. After detailed research, we have concluded that patients use the web space to study their healthcare services and make decisions about their health care.



An integral part of running a successful practice, clinic or hospital is digital marketing for veterinarians. Whether that’s getting new clients, securing referral sources or extending the speciality care, the task advertising is vital to achieving goals for the practice and curing the patients.

Pathology Lab

Pathology Lab

People rely basically today on an online presence and visibility of any brand before taking any decision and visiting. We are equipped with a best-in-class team of digital marketing experts for Pathology labs, who perform an array of digital activities and with precise execution overcoming various challenges in the digital space.

Pathology Lab

Pathology Lab

People rely today on an online presence and visibility of any brand before coming on any decision and visiting. We have a best-in-class staff of digital marketing experts for Pathology labs who perform a wide range of digital operations with exact execution, overcoming numerous digital hurdles.

Diagnostic Centre

Diagnostic Centre

Social Prefix will provide online marketing solutions for diagnostic centres to promote your services and increase the credibility of your facility. With the growing searches online for medical services, diagnostic centres are not behind digitally. Executing location-based targeting attracts more local potential customers.

Coaching Classes

Coaching Classes

With our digital marketing services for coaching classes, you can attract more students by promoting your institute online. Students these days search for the best coaching classes online and visit the one that ranks first in google search. Online marketing for coaching classes can assist you to rank better in online searches, resulting in more leads. At the Social Prefix.

Training Institutes

Training Institutes

We work with you as a full service, comprehensive digital marketing for trainers to create a comprehensive, personalized marketing plan. We include SEO in your marketing plan, and also website design and brand management, digital marketing applications, campaign design, reputation management, etc.

Schools and Colleges

Schools and Colleges

Digital marketing for schools is critical because it ensures that you are seen in the environment where your target audience lives – online. While the younger generation has grown up knowing only digital channels for information, the older generation is gradually becoming acquainted with the concept of digital marketing.

Life And Business Coaches

Life And Business Coaches

Digital marketing for coaches has become increasingly important for companies in today’s technology-driven world. Despite rivals, digital marketing has become the only way for companies to stay ahead of the ever-transitioning marketing world alongside potential customers.



At Social Prefix, we provide digital marketing services to cafes that will help you gain more customers to grow your brand. We create an eye-catching presence for your customers, when people are looking for cafes, proper dining, or a place to hang out, your brand pops right in front of their eyes.



At Social Prefix, we provide digital marketing services to cafes that will help you gain more customers to grow your brand. We create an eye-catching presence for your customers, when people are looking for cafes, proper dining, or a place to hang out, your brand pops right in front of their eyes.



Usually, people search for cheap and convenient places for a peaceful stay for their vacation. With help of focussed digital marketing practices for your resorts, better brand awareness can be created whilst reducing the overall cost of marketing of the resorts. We aim at creating effective digital marketing.



The competition among restaurants is fierce and choosing the right place to eat has been a bit difficult to decide. Social Prefix offers effective digital marketing for restaurants and an online marketing solution for restaurants to spread their taste and increase the facility of their services.



For many owners, digital marketing for hotels is unknown. It’s extremely important to understand that the market is driven by convenience and experiences, and change is necessary to keep up with the competition. Social prefix offers online marketing solutions for the hotel industry to promote your services.



The biggest challenge nowadays is getting photography noticed by your audience. But with so much noise on the internet, it becomes a difficult task. We help you market your services via digital marketing and you can concentrate on making memories for your clients. We focus on creating the best yet appropriate digital marketing for photographers.

Makeup Artists

Makeup Artists

Make-up ideas and tutorials are exploding on the internet, and consumers are looking for beauty advice from experts on social media platforms. Social Prefix aids in the generation of engagement and the establishment of a social media presence for your makeup services through increased awareness and marketing.

Radical Incubation

When we apply for new technologies to the new market. This type of incubation is when a new product, process or a service with high technological advancement has a high market impact and replaces the excisiting one.

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No solution Logo final 2 2

An idea to MVP platform

We provide the road map to building a business without the time, job security, market uncertainty and capital investment risks that are inherent in the process.

We are an integrated solution platform that focuses on the intersection of technology, finance, brand & business. We combine strategic technology, finance, branding and business expertise with essential capabilities and support to help founders get over the early hurdles and indecision and build the necessary business infrastructure to pursue their ideas.

Our early stage involvement gives us & you both an access to a non-linear upside only available to our customers, partners & shareholders.

We’re always looking for our next great project

Whether you’re a CEO or a CMO looking to test a new offering, or an entrepreneur who can’t leave their day job, We’d love to talk about helping you take your idea forward.

Application Testing

Brand development

We lead brand development — creating unique, recognizable brands built for success with today’s consumers. From the very beginning, we focus intensely on how the company, product and brand would fit into consumers’ lives and solve an unsolved problem or an unmet need.

Performance Testing

Business plan creation

We have developed a systematic way to rapidly create actionable business plans for new ideas and concepts. We challenge founders’ assumptions and help them recognize new opportunities with the idea that they are working on.

Test Automation

Market validation

We quickly test concepts in the marketplace by helping in putting together an MVP. We accelerate real world proof of concept and market validation. Our process gives founders confidence that their idea is worth pursuing.

Security Testing

Security Testing

Security Testing

We take care of your security in your softwares for you to avoid cyber attacks threatning intergrity and security of the system.

Security Testing

Seed stage execution

We take ideas off the drawing board and into the world. Our experts in sales, marketing, technology and operations will get the business of the ground for the founder. Once off the ground, founders can take back the control, or let us contribute or find alternatives to continue the growth.

Usability testing


We are storytellers par excellence. We would translate the passion of an idea into a clear and compelling business case. We advise founders on fundraising and capital requirement decisions and ultimately on how to maximize the financial return on their investment of blood, sweat and time.

Accessibility Testing

Product Development

We design innovative solutions for your vision and insure flawless and perfect implementation. We design and integrate the best products and solutions for your Idea and provide business support solutions to showcase your capabilities and services.

Usability testing

Usability Testing

Usability Testing

Our team makes sure to give you real user experience, analysis and tests.

DigitalPaymentGuru 1
DigitalPaymentGuru 2

Best Payment Gateway Integration Service

We provide payment gateway integration service of top payment gateways like PayPal, Paytm, PayU, Instamojo & Atom at the best market rates. We can help you choose the best payment gateway for your business by analyzing your business requirements. We can help you identify the best payment gateway for your business.


We have in-depth knowledge of payment gateway. Choose from an array of the best payment gateway tools that is suitable for your business.

Customized Application

Customized Application

Customize Payment Gateway according to your needs to complement your website.

Multi Currency Support

Multi Currency Support

Payment gateway solutions support 16 different currencies and allow the customer to make payments through all major debit/credit cards.

Simple Management

Simple Management

Our payment gateway integration ensures a complete check on cash flow and maintenance of buyers database.

Secured Payment

Secured Payment

As payment gateway service providers, we ensure that all transactions are protected by PCI DSS Level 1 compliant technology and fraud detection.

Support Multiple Payment Mode

Support Multiple Payment Mode

Accept all payment method-credit card, debit card, net banking, UPI and more.



Your client will receive a confirmation mail and screen message to assure that transaction has been completed.

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WhoAreYou Logo 1

We are your Content Writers, Creators, & Editors

With years of experience in the field of content creation, we have noticed that while it is not a difficult task to create content, it can be challenging for many people to define who they are. We’ve learned in recent years that an increasing number of companies are realizing the importance of having quality content on their websites. They are aware of the value of interactive, engaging content and SEO. Even if you don’t have much content creating experience, with our assistance, you can create unique kind of content.

Boost Your Website's Content

List of all the reasons why the website content provided by us is regarded as something unique.

Customized Application

100% Original

To make sure that every piece of original website content you receive is 100% original and free of any traces of duplicate content, we use sophisticated plagiarism detection software

Multi Currency Support

Excellent Quality

The best of the best among our writers have penned millions of pages of online content. They will carefully craft your original content using their wealth of knowledge.

Simple Management

Written with Credibility

With our writers at your disposal, you can get in touch with us. We make sure to be knowledgeable about your industry and create content that seems to have been written by an experienced professional.

Secured Payment

Optimized for SEO

In the order form, please specify your target keyword as well as the focus intention of your content, and our writing team will create a content that is expertly optimized according to your instructions.