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Delivering excellence and success with business and different industries

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Products, Platform & Solutions tailor made for the real estate markets.

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Comprehensive solutions for all of your business & process automation needs.

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Delivering excellence and success with business and different industries

We help you discover real world solutions

At MyrsaTech we help different industries to grow with great success as they play an important role in today’s time. Here are a few industries we serve the best.


Keep it going. Grow your business in real estate Market

Myrsa helps businesses, service providers, entrepreneurs, retailers, brands, event managers or start-ups to find the temporary space they need to test, sell, serve and grow.

Myrsa helps space owners rent out their unique spaces temporarily without any effort. We connect our owners with brands, businesses, service providers, retailers & professionals looking for temporary spaces.



Whether you are looking for a Space or a Brand, we have the best of both! Search the type of space and brand.



Once you find the Space/Brand of your choice, send enquiries to the owners. You can check the status in the notification.



Once your enquiry gets a response, you're all set to go! By the time this deal closes, Myrsa will have added new Spaces and Brands!



All bookings booked through Myrsa have verified payments. We also cover all bookings by our cancellation policy.



Myrsa guarantees happiness. We make sure you get 100 per cent satisfaction.



We provide 100% assurance. If you have any issue kindly contact us. Till that time enjoy renting.


Are you a real estate broker who wishes to increase their margins of brokerage? Or are you someone who is looking to buy or rent a property without going through the web of agents? In any case, we have just the right solution for you. Presenting DirectM, a discovery platform aimed at the best interest of realty brokers where they can list all the properties they have access to and get contacted by people looking for real estate solutions.


    Increased Brokerage

    Owing to the efficient functioning of DirectM, we guarantee a 50-100% increase in brokerage to real estate brokers who wish to rent and sell their property


    Business CRM

    DirectM also looks after the CRM processes of your business and lets you properly organise meetings and generate detailed reports for analysis.

  • Exclusive Pincode Rights

    Pincode Rights

    Become a premium member of DirectM and enjoy the perks of having a monopoly over the locality chosen by you.

  • One Pincode One Broker

    One Pincode One Broker

    The member broker shall have exclusive rights of one Pincode to deal with properties to Buy / Sell / Rent in his / her Pincode for a stipulated time.

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Property Visibility

Financial Management

Financial Management

Business Analytics

Business Analytics

Online Payment Management

Online Payment Management


MPower is one of the Best Property Management Solutions widely used by property management companies. It has a simple interface that space managers can use to track how much space is used for Revenue generation and to track the success of each property in terms of rental yield. It assists property managers in producing generating significant revenue from Real Estate.


We provide solutions to all your traditional booking and management issues and help your business grow. Our User-Friendly UI is easy to understand. VBookU lets you manage your business from the mobile app and website, thus giving you 24/7 access to your business. 

  • Easy Setup

    Easy Setup

    Add the list of services or events you offer on your website using VBookU. These services will be viewable for clients and they can make bookings directly on your website.

  • Easy Integration

    Easy Integration

    Our flexible API allows easy integration of VBookU into your existing system for accepting bookings, managing the appointments and POS.

  • Easy to use

    Easy to use

    Let VBookU manage your appointments online so that you can spend less time on paperwork & calls and focus more on your business.


Become a franchisor and use the power of the franchisee model to help your business unfold. Visit us for complete cloud-based solutions to support all your needs to become a franchisor. Franchising, Inventory, Sales, Billing, CRM & ERP. Complete franchising software solutions – all at a single place.

  • Opportunity Identification

    Opportunity Identification

  • Marketing Automation

    Marketing Automation

  • Inventory management

    Inventory management


Kanri IO effectively looks after the faculties’ payroll and calculates their pay after standard deductions as per the law with Kanri that provides solutions to educational institutes, startups and more. We help you generate reports instantly for your analysis.

  • Kanri HR

    Feature Item 1

    We let you create a product or service database with an additional option of creating Packages which is a unique feature.Packages which is a unique feature.
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  • Kanri Books

    Kanri Books is GST-ready online billing software that can be used by small and medium-sized businesses to significantly cut down on financial paperwork. It lets you gain complete control over your funds by letting you customize the dashboard.
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  • Kanri CRM

    Kanri CRM provides customer service that organises at any size to allow for rapid scaling and innovation of solutions. We believe in providing you with easy process automation and a diverse digital engagement strategy.
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  • Kanri ERP

    Step on the pedal and get your educational institute up and running with Kanri ERP which is a cloud-based online ERP software. Designed to consolidate all the different processes with a few clicks.
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  • Kanri HR

    An efficiently functioning HR team is the glue that holds an organisation together. You need to ensure that the processes of an HR department flow seamlessly.
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We design innovative solutions for your vision and insure flawless and perfect implementation.

  • It's high time you converted your company website into a sensitive forum for your customers' full visual experience

  • We create new solutions for your idea and ensure seamless and smooth execution.

  • We provide complete web design and other services for businesses and artists.


HOWKYA makes it very easy for people to engage productively online through knowledge sharing which is on-demand and in real-time. Our platform acts as a catalyst towards validation of your idea, concept, design, approach or any thought by promoting collaborative and engaging interactions with Subject Matter Experts via mobile or web consultations.

  • Draft your questions

    Draft your questions

    Draft questions under a wide range of categories. Select the type of answer you want from different styles- Yes/No, MCQ's, Yes/No+Reason, Rank Order and Get started!

  • Set your Target Audience

    Set your Target Audience

    Select the range of demographics and other criteria required for your target audience. You will have quick results that are from verified users.

  • Get Detailed Responses

    Get Detailed Responses

    Once all your data is collected, you will have a Proper report. If you want detailed responses, you can have expert insights from professionals.

Social Prefix 1

We at Social Prefix believe that Investing in digital marketing is a must for any company that has an online presence. Not only does digital marketing help build a reputable brand image, but it also enhances a targeted audience’s tracking.

Almost all businesses need photography at some point. Whether you’re looking for photography for your brand new website, an advertising campaign or just team headshots. Our Photography services for the educational and healthcare sectors will help you generate new leads online.

We provide solutions to all your traditional booking and management issues and help your business grow. Our User-Friendly UI is easy to understand. We let you manage your business from the mobile app and website, thus giving you 24/7 access to your business.

We provide payment gateway integration service of top payment gateways like PayPal, Paytm, PayU, Instamojo & Atom at best market rates. We can help you choose the best payment gateway for your business by analyzing your business requirements. With our payment gateway services for healthcare and training centres, you can manage your market place automate money transfer and collect frequent payments all from a single platform.

With the integration of technology in the everyday lives of people, it seems vital for educational institutes to adapt to the changes. Such an adaptation will bring about a radical change in the functioning of your institute. Owing to technology, you can cut down on human assistance and workspace clutter significantly.

Customer Relationship Model is an approach to accomplish a company’s interaction with current and potential customers. It does data analysis about customer history with a company to enhance business relationships with customers, especially focusing on customer retention and eventually driving sales growth.

Say goodbye to the tedious and burdensome task of financial paperwork as we give online billing software for Healthcare and education industry to significantly cut down on the time taken to maintain financial records. It allows you to gain complete control over your funds by letting you customize the dashboard of the invoicing software as per the requirements of your business.