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Our Product Portfolio

We have a set of Balanced Portfolio of Products. Our Company’s foundation is built on the following Core Products.

MyrsaTech Consulting is a leader in co-creation and collaboration activities for the development of innovative products and services in the field of Information Technology.

We help you boost organizational performance, deploy new technologies in smart ways, and change and streamline processes to achieve better results for your customers and your business. We help organizations keep pace with innovation and move forward by envisioning the future.

Kanri Books

Kanri Books is GST-ready online billing software that can help small and medium-sized enterprises reduce their financial paperwork dramatically. It allows you to get complete control over your cash by allowing you to personalise the invoicing software’s dashboard to meet your company’s needs.

  • Create Package Product Service

    Create Package (Product + Service)

    We let you create a product or service database with an additional option of creating unique Packages.

  • GST Ready Invoicing Software

    GST Ready Invoicing Software

    GST Filing made easy and simple for SMEs helping them focus more on growing their business. Save time and increase business efficiency.

  • User Friendly Dashboard

    User Friendly Dashboard

    Our goal is to turn data into knowledge, and information into insight, therefore we created an easy-to-use and adjustable dashboard.

Kanri HR

Integrate your interests with Kanri HR

An efficiently functioning HR team is the glue that holds an organisation together. You need to ensure that the processes of an HR department flow seamlessly so that they can focus on the employees. To do just that, presenting you with Kanri HR, a comprehensive cloud-based online HRM software that helps companies streamline the HR processes. We promise to deliver convenient and quick solutions. Intending to reduce the workload and increase the efficiency of an organisation, this human resource management software is uber-efficient.

  • Employees can access the built-in personal panel, which gives them an overview of the organisation, allows them to input their basic information, and gives them access to the entire company's staff list, complete with email addresses.

  • Our HR management software generates performance details that provide insight into the progress of employees, which helps to increase productivity and manage efficiency.

  • Holidays and policies can be added to custom calendar settings, reminding employees to apply for their planned leaves.

Kanri CRM

Based Communications Are What We Do

Kanri CRM provides customer service that scales and innovates solutions quickly for businesses of all sizes. We believe in offering you smooth workflow automation, a wide variety of digital engagement strategies and low code development. We strike customer service organizations by offering quick, adaptive services to their customers.

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Back office system

Back office system

We provide you easily import and export services by carrying data from the back-office system without any help from IT.

Kanri CRM 2
Unique features

Unique features

With so many features in hand, one of the most crucial components we offer to our consumers is security.

Kanri CRM 3
User Friendly


A user-friendly platform for you to organize your business professionally without any hassle.


We provide solutions to all your traditional booking and management issues and help your business grow. Our User-Friendly UI is easy to understand. VBookU lets you manage your business from the mobile app and website, thus giving you 24/7 access to your business. Subscribe now and let VBookU handle your appointments online so you spend less time on papers and calls and more on your business.

Vbooku 1
Vbooku 2

Business Benefits

The business benefits in Vbooku helps you get a tangible outcome of an action or decision that helps meet different business objective. It helps you serve well for many business planning, decision support and other analysis needs. 

  • Easy Setup

    Easy Setup

    Add the list of services or events you offer on your website using VBookU. These services will be viewable for clients and they can make bookings directly on your website.

  • Easy Integration

    Easy Integration

    Our flexible API allows easy integration of VBookU into your existing system for accepting bookings, managing the appointments and POS.

  • Easy to use

    Easy to use

    Let VBookU manage your appointments online so that you can spend less time on paper work & calls and focus more on your business.

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Ever questioned what Top Loan Consultants are doing differently?

The amount of loans they close, the number of referrals they get, and the amounts of money they make each year are all extraordinary. But what about them is so remarkable?

In order to understand what made some of these Top Loan Consultants unique, we followed them for years. We observed their behaviors, investigated their processes, and interviewed them about their accomplishments (and failures). Then, we collaborated to design a system that would enable anyone to replicate the work that they do on a daily basis.

OKCapital CRM Software is a results-driven platform that employs tried-and-true methods to put your clients and partners – the heart and soul of your company – at the center of your daily operations.

Boost the effectiveness of all your processes.

The following Features will help you manage your loans like a pro:

  • DataScript 3

    Customer Management

  • DataScript 3

    Team-Based Management

  • DataScript 3

    Document Management

  • DataScript 3

    Reports & Analytics

  • DataScript 3

    Partner Management

  • DataScript 3

    Task Management

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Franchisor provides end-to-end solutions that help you manage your franchisees better. Owing to our feature-rich software, handling and executing processes will be a breeze.

Become a franchisor and use the power of the franchisee model to help your business unfold.

Visit us for complete cloud-based solutions to support all your needs to become a franchisor.

Franchising, Inventory, Sales, Billing, CRM & ERP.

Complete franchising software solutions – all at a single place.

Franchisor 1
Franchisor 2


Franchisor provides end-to-end solutions that help you manage your franchisees better. Owing to our feature-rich software, handling and executing processes will be a breeze.

  • Fully cloud-based solution to manage your business needs. Effectively manage the day to day operations of your franchise in real-time.

  • There's no need to wait for franchisee reports to evaluate their performance. With real-time reports-collect, collate, process and review franchisee performance in one click.

  • Get profound insights into your franchisees, stores, revenues, expenditures, inventory deficits, sales for better analysis and approach to business.

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Explore The Ultimate ERP with us

ERPKA is one of the world’s leading providers of IT and business consulting services. We are insight-driven and outcome-focused to help you accelerate the returns on your IT and business investments.

Through close client connections and the provision of industry and technological knowledge we assist you in meeting the demands of your customers and citizens, it is our mission to establish confidence in all we do.

ERPKA is a leader in digital transformation, offering clients across sectors solutions through a wide range of technology & digital services. Through services fueled by new technology, we stand to fulfil the promise of an end-to-end digital transformation partner for our clients.

Our Featured Services

ERPKA is a leading provider of cloud-based enterprise solutions for businesses of all sizes. With a focus on business intelligence, our solutions help organizations gather and analyze data to make informed decisions about their future. Our platforms, ERPNext and ODOO, offer complete business control and operational transparency, giving our clients the tools they need to succeed.

In addition to enterprise solutions, ERPKA also offers robotic process automation solutions to help businesses streamline their operations and increase efficiency. With ERPKA, businesses can trust that they have access to the latest technology and tools to stay competitive in their industries.

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ERPNext comes with 1000+ objects to help you run your business.
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ODOO provides everything you need with a top-notch user experience.
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Automate repetitive tasks with software for digital transformation.